Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Entry the First

Hi there, everybody! Well, I've finally gotten around to starting up my very own blog. I know, nothing to write home about these days, but better late than never!

I came into writing for a very simple reason: I love stories! It is not only safe, but also completely accurate to say that I love stories more than almost everything else in the world. As a child I would staple printer paper together to make "books" in which I would write my favorite stories, complete with my own illustrations. On more than one occasion my passion for stories has nearly become hazardous to my own well-being (most of you probably know how inconvenient and down right bothersome things like food and sleep can be when you're in the middle of a good story). Eventually, however, my overactive imagination decided it wasn't content to merely relive other people's stories; it struck out on its own and started weaving plots and characters of its own devising.

This blog is dedicated to those experiences, thoughts, and insights I see as particularly noteworthy as I write, read, rewrite, and try to publish the stories I've developed. I hope you enjoy my ruminations!

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