Current Projects

Hello everyone! This page will keep you more or less up to date on the books and ideas I’m working on at the moment. My curse is that I’m constantly coming up with new ideas while trying to develop and write the ones I already have; so, the following are the ones I feel have the most publishing potential.

Penitence — YA science fiction; 80,000+ words
A young starfighter prodigy must make the most difficult decision of his life—to leave the only home and family he’s ever known, or live with the guilt that he’s become his parents’ murderer.
Current Status: querying

Desperate Times — YA science fiction
An experienced and exemplary naval commander loses a hard-earned chance for promotion, only to realize he’s been assigned a new ship and given a prestigious (if dangerous) assignment: he and his crew must reconnoiter and retake an entire sector of human space—alone.
Current Status: Outline/development

Cut Loose — YA science fiction
A young ex-army sergeant Vivian Rask narrowly escapes a deadly bomb and finds her self the target of deadly intent from both the military and a vicious crime syndicate. Life quickly devolves into a deadly race to find out who wants to kill her and why. Rask’s only advantage—and possibly her only hope—is a family secret, passed down from generations unknown.
Current Status: Outline/development

Dathan the Sorcerer — YA fantasy
A renegade sorcerer, held in the thrall of a terrible magic for centuries, finally breaks free of the addictive power of the Arcanum. As he wades through a painful recovery, however, Dathan discover his knowledge and experience are the only things that can save the land from being overrun by the otherworldly monstrosities of the Arcanum.
Current Status: 1st draft WIP

Firewalker — YA fantasy
A young woman leaves her family and her tribe to become a firewalker, one who controls the fourth, most volatile element. On her journey, however, she runs afoul of a secret society intent on keeping the secrets of firewalking to themselves and the true Way of Fire hidden forever.