Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Big News

Hi everyone!

In my last post I told you I had some big news to share today, so here it is: my wife and I are starting an editing service! We've been kicking around the idea for several months and have finally decided to give it a shot.

Now, given our two backgrounds (mine in journalism, technical writing, and amateur fiction; my wife's in literature, academia, and private tutoring), we're going to cast our net fairly wide, offering a variety of services for fiction, non-fiction, technical, business, and academic writers. I know that last one sounds a bit odd, but you'd be shocked at how many glaring errors makes it into academic writing (especially in the hard sciences). Our plan is to offer a range of editorial services, from light copy editing to intense substantive editing, with rates calculated based on word count and level of edit. (Higher-level edits take significantly more time than simple copy editing, so we charge more to compensate.)

I can't say too much more right now (for obvious reasons, the most prominent being that we're still working out the details), but I will be posting periodic updates on our progress for the next few weeks. Our goal is to officially open for business in early to mid March.

I'm really excited about this because editing is what I do best and enjoy most! I genuinely love editing the nearly-incomprehensible gobbledygook the programmer at work send me :D

What are your thoughts on our plan/idea?


  1. It's a great time to jump in with such a service I'd think, Reece! So many people trying to carve their own paths and such... A wide net is also a good thing.

    Best of luck to you all, and be sure to keep us up to snuff on your offerings, etc. as you move forward.


  2. The industry is growing with lots of great writers who want to self-publish but will need editorial services to ensure there works are up to par. I say give it go :-)

  3. I think that's a fantastic idea. Many indie authors could use that extra editorial help. I think you and your wife will do very well.

  4. Me knows you will be greeeeat.
    Best of luck!!! Yay!

    Wait.... Does this mean I loose you as a crit partner?

  5. As other commenters have said, with all the writers out there self-publishing, there must be demand for editors. Sounds like a great idea. :)

  6. Wow, that is awesome and it sounds super exciting. I agree, with all the self-publishing out there, not to mention everyone taking their businesses online in some form or another, this is a great time to start an editing service.

    (Thank goodness I've never had to edit developers work. I have a hard enough time sometimes just interpreting so I can write release notes!) :)

  7. Fantastic news! Good luck to you guys!

  8. An editing service? Nice! Helping with someone's work is a great way to not only hone your writing skills, but to see what others are writing. If you can do it, I say go for it. :)

  9. That's awesome! Good luck with everything!!