Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Prodigal Blogger

I hope some of you are still following my blog. I realize I haven't posted for a long, LONG time. If I had seen it coming, I would have given you a heads-up, but I didn't.

To sum it up bluntly, I was getting frustrated with my efforts in writing and I took an impromptu sabbatical. I put everything away and didn't even think about them (at least not actively--I often found my WIP puttering around the back of my mind, but I just let it be for a while). Once my stock of interviewees started drying up, I didn't have much to say, so my blog went on hold as well. I apologize for not explaining at the time.

Now, I have a question for all you experienced outliners: do you finish your outline entirely before you start writing, or do you allow yourself to start writing the early parts before your outline is 100% complete?

The reason I ask is this: a couple weeks ago, I finally started jotting down, in outline form, some of the ideas that came out of all the puttering my WIP has been doing for the past couple/few months. I've got a basic outline for about half (maybe two-thirds) of the entire story. The problem is that I'm getting tired of outlining! It's been a huge help, but I want to start writing!

So I guess I'm looking for opinions and/or advice. Do I leave off outlining for a little and start fleshing out what I've got? Or do I stick it out and finish the outline before I do anything else? What do you think?