Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hooray! A Response!

Hey, I finally got someone to respond to my request for an interview! Woohoo! I'm so excited! So, I will have an interview posted on Thursday.

Also, I've tentatively diagnosed myself with acute sci-fi withdrawal. Pretty much all weekend, all I've wanted to do was read, watch, and play various manifestations of science fiction (Star Wars, Dr. Who, Farscape, Star Trek, Kris Longknife, Vatta's War, etc. etc. etc.). I wonder if there's some sort of support group for sci-fi junkies like me. The funny thing is, as much as I love science fiction, I've never been to any sort of convention; neither do I own any regalia or speak any alien languages! Although, my wife has recently started giving me small pieces of sci-fi memorabilia as gag gifts (a Darth Vader bobble-head, a pack of Star Wars playing cards, etc.). She sticks to Star Wars because that's practically the only science fiction universe she knows anything about (except Dr. Who, to which some friends of ours recently introduced us. I'm happy to report that my wife loves it!). I dare not let myself become enmeshed any further...I don't want to become like Captain Sweatpants! (Bonus points to anyone who gets that reference.)

So, which genre is your guilty pleasure? And how deeply do you allow yourself to be immersed in it?


  1. I hope you let yourself enjoy all of your sci-fi stuff.

    I love fantasy. So any book fantasy is just great.

  2. Definitely, definitely sci fi. I love it! And I'm proud to say my son is following in my footsteps. He's become obsessed with Star Wars lately.

    And yay for Doctor Who! That is probably my favorite TV show EVER.

  3. Fantasy is my one true genre love. But specifically I am a major Tolkien geek. I know a ridiculous amount of things about the world of Middle-earth and would probably have a house completely full of Middle-earth stuff if I had more spare money. (not that I don't already have more than enough.)

  4. Fantasy all the way! Big Lord of the Rings fan. :)I do love me some sci-fi though. :) Star Wars anyone?

  5. Sci Fi and Fantasy. Couldn't live without either.

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