Monday, August 1, 2011

How to Develop Your Characters

Hi everyone! As you recall, a couple of weeks ago I shared my dazzling new idea for becoming a more consistent blogger (writing down my ideas at work so I can blog when I get home). Unfortunately, ever since than I've been so swamped that I literally haven't come up with a single idea while at work. So, no success on that front yet.

However, I have some exciting news concerning my other idea (make each chapter a complete mini-story)! As I expected, it's been quite a challenge. But my efforts have produced an interesting side effect. I've noticed that, in an effort to complete my mini story arcs, I've forced myself to put in more character development. I'm really excited about this because characterization, in my opinion, is not my strongest area. (Incidentally, Tanya, I hope to have a revised chapter to you soon.) So, despite the difficulty of my undertaking, I'm having a lot of fun and making some good progress!

So, how's your writing and/or reading going?


  1. Haha! In my opinion world building is your strong suit which is the hardest talent to master to yay! But! can't wait for that chapter to see what kinda magic you pulled off this time.

    Actually, that concept might work with the mini story arcs, it would be like putting together one giant puzzle that at the end should make one big picture. I did something similar on a much larger scale with the Notebook Chronicles. Have fun and don't give yourself a headache. hehe

  2. G'day Reece. I'm just dropping by from your Scifi group on the Platform Building Campaign. I'm working toward becoming a published novelist, but I also write a scifi web serial.

    It can be very rewarding when you get some good character development happening.